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Evriholder continues to bring innovative, new and unique products to retailers across the USA, Canada, and around the world. Please feel free to explore our site. Our products represent all those things you never realized you needed but seem indispensable once you have them. Our Licensed Products portfolio includes powerful brands like Campbell’s, Pepperidge Farm, Crayola, Kellogg’s, Wonder and Hostess. Creating products with our internationally recognized brands is our mission and we bring you a multitude of items you need from the brands you love so you can enjoy them everyday. This range also represents the ingenuity of America's inventors who continue to seek better products and unique solutions to everyday problems.

Evriholder develops 30 to 50 new products a year. If you like what you see here and would like to buy these products or become a dealer please use our contact page. Check out a couple of our hot new products below:

  • Crayola Snack Packer
  • Bath Razor Buddy
  • Campbell's Hot N Handy
  • Cleaning Furemover Duo
  • Hostess Wonder Sandwich Seal'R 'N Decruster
  • Evriholder Hot Products

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